Thanks a million to the brave few who joined me for Week 1 of the #LoveLightCreateChallenge: In A Word. I appreciate you immensely, and was so humbled and happy to see the work that you produced. You can click here to see what I did

Today marks the second week of the #LoveLightCreateChallenge, a series of (almost) weekly challenges for artists and creatives of ALL TYPES. For more information about this free challenge, check out the main page where I set up the concept and lay out my vision.

So, for our next challenge, I give you: CIRCLE ROUND.

You are welcome to interpret the theme anyway you like, using any creative medium you like. If that’s too vague, here are some opening thoughts:

  • Paint loads and loads of circles, delving into color theory and practice.
  • Reflect on an event from your past, and how it’s impacted you today. 
  • Create a symbol that represents your interpretation of what it means to circle round.
  • Remember Row, Row, Row Your Boat? Write a new round to the same tune! This could be a fun one for parents to do with their kids. 
  • Get busy with your hands. Mold something physical into a circle: fabric, dry glue, clay, paper, and eraser. There is something soothing and meditative about shaping something into a circle. 
  • Write a poem or a story, or compose a piece of music, with a beginning that matches its end. 
  • Cut out a bunch of circles, and see what silly things you can create by gluing them onto other objects.
  • Gather a group of fellow creative women and men, and host a creative conversation in a circle of trusted friends. Share your goals for the year, and see how you can support one another. 
  • Go through a page of a book, and circle words that stand out to you. Compile that list and use it in a poem, story, or intention-setting.
  • Make jewelry with unconventional circular materials.
  • Do a walking meditation, following a circular route. Notice creative intuition as you walk, and journal about it.
  • Paint something round! Look for a Kindness Rocks event near you, and create a small token of love for your community.
  • Bake some cookies. Yum!
  • Write out a poem or a quote in a circular pattern. (I love poetry and love letters that that are formatted in different ways. They activate an entirely different approach to reading.) 

Or you tap into your inner muse and do completely your own thing!

Whatever you create, I’d love for you to share it with me! Post it on Instagram using the hashtag #LoveLightCreateChallenge, share it to Facebook on my page or in the Weekly Challenge group (join here), or email me at I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

{I’d love for you to share it here, but I can’t seem to figure out a good plugin yet that allows picture sharing in comments. If you know of a good one, please let me know!}

Later on in the week, I’ll share what I’ve created using the prompt.

And, by Sunday, if you give me permission to share what you’ve done, I’d love to share a round-up of what you’ve created. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this exactly, so for now, just message me on Instagram or email me if it’s okay for me to share, and be sure to include any links to your social media or website if you’d like to include a link back to you. If you’re okay sharing the work but would prefer to remain anonymous, that’s fine. Please just let me know. As the challenge rolls along, I’ll figure out the best way to streamline all this.

Thank you for participating!!! Sending love and light to you!! GOOD LUCK and have fun with this! xoxox