Thanks to those who participated! It was so much fun to see what you created, and truly an honor to see how we can inspire one another.

Since I haven’t yet figured out sharing privileges, I won’t post anyone else’s work just yet, but I’ll get that all sorted out soon. In the meantime, here’s what I made, and a few words I posted with the images above and below on Instagram.

My response to the first #lovelightcreatechallengeprompt: In A Word. It took some time to create it, partially because I thought I had settled on my word of the year, and then another one kept popping up and calling my attention, partially because I can go down a deep rabbit hole of research (!), and partially because of the cold that knocked me down most of the week. But I persisted, and here it is! The first word I had planned for the year was cultivate; the second that tugged at me was ignite. I’ve decided to continue my focus on the first, but I’ll explore what ignite has to say to me as well.

This is a miniature drawing with pen and colored pencil, done on a 3×3 piece of paper (from a 6×6 artist tile that I cut into four itty bitty tiles). It’s a bit messy and definitely out of scale, but… each plant was carefully selected to represent something I’d like to cultivate this year (one plant per letter). I have: bird of paradise (joy), acanthus (art), edelweiss (devotion, daring, freedom, courage), magnolia (love of nature), witch hazel (magic), black eyes susan (justice), wisteria (welcoming), rubber plant (wealth), and anthurium (hospitality, happiness, abundance). As a bonus, the grass symbolizes psychic power, protection, intuition.

It was a bit of a challenge to find plants that fit, and several made the list but not the cut. For example, iris stands for wisdom, hibiscus for love, and oak for strength. If you’re curious about plant symbols, I’ve got some serious notes scribbled super tiny on the back of this miniature! Just ask! 😂

I chose to do it tiny because I thought that meant it would be faster. I seriously doubt that was the case… I just spent more time researching than I otherwise would have, but I suppose the coloring went faster this way.