I’ve been having so much fun this week with my sister in town. We’ve been bumbling around town, hanging out at coffee shops, doing art, and generally having a lot of fun.

One of the greatest things about hosting guests is the opportunity to see where we live in a new light. I’ve been living in the Los Angeles area for just about ten years now, and have seen most of the standard tourist haunts, but there’s still a ton to discover! Whether it’s the fact that a living city is ever evolving and changing, or simply that in a city as big as L.A., you really can’t ever quite see it all (or stomach the drive to it all), it’s a joy to see streets with new eyes.

So, since I love public art and murals, and my sister loves anything having to do with strong colorful graphics and street art, we headed up to Venice Beach to wander around and snag some pics of bright, beautiful buildings! (And a DELICOUS bite to eat at GJelina… soooo good.)

Of course, living here, I’d been to Venice Beach before to eat, stroll the canals, walk the beach, people watch, but it was my first time on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

In recent years, Abbot Kinney has become a real haven for street art, and thereby, public conversation. I love that street art serves as zeitgeist, eventually living on only in photographs taken at the time.

It is an ideal combination of mass and intimate communication, with an interesting dynamic of where message and perception intersect. I love anything that causes people to pause and consider. My sister and I had the same experience of walking along the street, but ended up taking different photos, feeling called to different murals, seeing different things stand out in each mural.

Here are some photos my sister and I took to share with you (including a bunch of murals, some awesome tiles, plus one that my sister took of me taking photos for you, and one of me trying some tall Kelsey Montague wings on for size). I’ll keep my interpretations quiet, as I realize that the simple act of curating these particular photos is a way of sharing my perspective.

But, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and impressions after you’ve browsed these images.


So, now that you’ve seen a selection of Venice Beach street art: What calls to you?

Also, share: If you live near awesome street art, please give a shout out to that neighborhood! It would be fun to know where to engage in even more street art conversation!


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