If I had a massive platform (shall we think big and simply say *when* I have a massive platform?), the message I’d like to share boils down to a few simple concepts:

  1. Good storytelling has the power to change lives.
  2. Our time on this planet is best spent in the service of pursuing creative solutions and shining love and light on our shared humanity.
  3. It is necessary to listen to the authentic voices and experiences of people from all walks of life—from the refugee or the undocumented immigrant to the inner city child to the artist to the scientist to the aristocracy. We are a human race comprised of infinite layers, each one shaping our individual perceptions. Listening to others from an open heart and mind expands our perspective and ability to empathize, which ultimately leads to thoughtful action.
  4. There is a voice in all of us that yearns to make a difference. Creative expression, in a myriad of forms, honors that voice.

Really, this is what I want to do through Of Love + Light: tell stories that inspire, and acknowledge and empower the creativity in us all.

This morning, I learned about an agreement that former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama made with Netflix that pretty well ticks all those boxes, so I am really looking forward to what they will do with their platform.

A press release from Netflix reads, “The Obamas will produce a diverse mix of content, including the potential for scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features.”

The content will be available to Netflix users from around the world, opening the door for cross-cultural communication.

I love, love, love to see that after eight years in power, surely facing some of the toughest decisions and days that a human could reasonably deal with, Mr. Obama is looking forward with a positive, empowering focus and message. In a way, he’s returning to his community building roots… grander scale, similar vision.

Here’s what he said about the agreement, per the press release.

“One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience. That’s why Michelle and I are so excited to partner with Netflix.”

And here comes my favorite part:

“We hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the entire world.”

Mr. and Mrs. Obama, I wish you the best of luck in this new endeavor and look forward to the stories and voices you will work to reveal.

And Netflix, thank you for recognizing the need for stories rooted in love and light, and for investing in them.


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