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Today, I want to honor all of the work that you’ve done so far this week, and give you 30 seconds to do nothing but breathe.

Whether you work full-time or part-time, whether you consult or work independently, whether you choose nontraditional work and tend to the house or to children or to others who depend on you for support, whether you are retired, whether you are pursuing a passion project or building a business, whether you’re not currently employed but looking for work—wherever you are in life right now, I know that you have put effort and energy into the week.

Hopefully you’re feeling the circulation of life, and that the energy you’ve put out is coming back to you. That is what I always wish for you.

But it goes without saying that we don’t always feel that way. One simple way to feel that energy is to pause, and take a deep breath. In…. and out….

As you inhale, feel your lungs filling with the breath of life.

As you exhale, let go of tension, let go of expectations, and to-dos. Let it all go, and for this moment, just be.














It feels so good to breathe.

The American Institute of Stress explains why breathing exercises help: “Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness. Breathing techniques help you feel connected to your body—it brings your awareness away from the worries in your head and quiets your mind.”

Click here for several tips and techniques from the American Institute of Stress to use breathing to help you find a sense of grounded calm, and replenish your energy.

Anytime you need that reminder, come back for a visit and watch the 30-second video at the top of the page, published by Stop, Breathe & Think on YouTube. They have several videos that you can view by clicking here, for whatever amount of time you have.


This month, I am writing 26 posts starting with the letters A through Z, along with hundreds of other businesses and bloggers from around the world. I first ran into the A to Z Challenge many, many moons ago (circa 2011), when I was brand new to the online writing world. It was a great way to jumpstart my creative juices, and I had so much fun “meeting” men and women sharing what they love to do.

So when I opened Of Love + Light, I knew the A to Z Challenge would be the perfect complement to Daily Dose: Inspired. Enjoy!


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“Exhale: 30 Seconds to Calm” is the fifth article in the Daily Dose: Inspired series. Looking for a small something to get you inspired to take on the day? This is the place to come for a photo, a song, a pick-me-up quote, a little slice of happy. At least, these are the things that inspire me!