Art with Erna and Alana

Who are we?

Two creatives on a mission to bring more creativity to your daily life! Erna van Dyk is a formally trained fine artist, originally from South Africa, who now lives in California and teaches art to children and adults. Alana Garrigues (that’s me!) is a multi-passionate creative who studied business, but keeps coming back to art and writing—making it and teaching it.

Each lesson, we’ll take a shared photo inspiration and create it two different ways. Follow along, or forge your own path. Templates and inspiration photos available on our websites.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find. This one is in hyper speed!

Super fast version of what happens when two creatives hang out!

In general, we record our videos in real time (exceptions possible for very intricate detail work, for your sake!) and explain each step of the process. That will give you the feel of taking an actual class or sitting down to get creative with us, and hopefully you’ll pick up some tips and techniques along the way. You can watch the full video or read the lesson plan before you attempt the project, or you can turn us on to listen in the background and paint along.

Find templates, step-by-step instructions, and videos here and on Erna’s website. You can also find our videos through our YouTube channels.

Alana Garrigues:
Erna van Dyk:

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