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Beginning in January 2019, this is a place for creatives of all types to come together and make. I have 42 weeks of challenges mapped out, all completely open to your interpretation, plus 10 weeks of breaks built in for times I know I’ll be out and about and primarily offline. Feel free to join me when you can, skip out when you must. I’ll post a quickie calendar of dates to play before we start!

What is it?

Each week of the #LoveLightCreateChallenge, I’ll post a prompt for you to interpret as you wish. Throughout the year, I have 42 prompts planned, and I’ll be creating along with you. I may give some suggestions, or find some inspirational quotes, or I may leave it completely open.

Expect to take a creative, artistic, and soulful journey as you open up to what comes through.

Who can play?

Anyone who wants to make things! I’m envisioning artists (painters, drawers, mixed media artists, art journalists, collage artists), writers, poets, songwriters, musicians, singers, puppeteers, sculptors, mosaicist, actors, performance artists… ANY TYPE of creative that you are, if you are willing to dig a little, face the challenge, breathe life into a concept, and share it (or not), YOU are the person I’m looking for!

When will challenges post?

New challenges come on Mondays!

The concept may alter slightly with time, as I see what is possible, but my dream idea is to drop the challenge weekly on Mondays, post at some point during the week my take on the challenge, and then post a round-up of all your awesome work on Sundays, with links to you (always with your permission, of course). I’d love to have opened this space up for posts directly from you as you’re willing and able, but I don’t seem to have that coding ability just quite yet!

Sound like fun? Want to play?

Fabulous! We’ll begin Monday, January 7.

Bookmark this page to connect with me here on the blog, follow me on Instagram or Facebook, or request to join my Facebook creativity challenge group, to see the challenges as they post. And if you share, please use the hashtag #LoveLightCreateChallenge so I can see your work! Alternatively, you can email me your work at alana@ofloveandlight.org and let me know if you’d like to give the okay for me to share it here.